WHMCS Security

There is further steps that can help maximize the security level of your WHMCS. We have over 9+ years in the industry & working with WHMCS - So we have created a plan to help get the most security out of your WHMCS billing system.

Levels of Security that is taken to secure your WHMCS.

We provide a all-in-one type security solution to help reduce the risk of having your WHMCS installation compromised. Below are some of the steps that are taken

This will be completing certain task that are recommended by WHMCS as additional layer of security. These extra steps will involve renaming the admin directory & moving certain directories out of publicly accessible (outside of public_html) & we will do a check on your file structure & notify you of any risk that my be apposed to you.

So what are you waiting for?, Get your software secured today don't risk the chance of being compromised - all for one time low fee of $14.99!

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